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By: Thomas Boccinfuso

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What is Easy-JS?

Easy-JS is a javascript library built from newcomers to Javascript programming and it's FREE!

Easy-JS makes Javascript even easier to use! Almost every basic Javascript function is re-written in plain english. Want to get an element on the webpage by it's Id? Easy-JS makes it easy! Just throw in getId('Id'); Our goal is to make coding as simple as possible. The hardest part to coding tends to be learning the documentation / syntax for a new language or framework, with Easy-JS we cut that out and allow you to write your functions and method in plain english. Learn more on our Documentation page.


In short? Easy-JS was created to help new Javascript programmers learn and develop faster!

Easy-JS was created by Thomas Boccinfuso in October of 2017. He came up with the idea of building a Javascript library that reads and writes in plain English. Let's face it, sometimes learning a new language is hard and it doesn't help when the syntax for that language is long and sometimes hard to read. This was one reason to re-write Javascript.

Thomas had buddies in the Web Design program at his college, he noticed that they were not really taught much Javascript and when they learned JQuery it made things harder. This was another factor that pushed Thomas to write the Easy-JS library. Plus programmers like to be lazy when they can get away with it... so why not help them!

Setting up EasyJS

Now you have an idea what EasyJS is all about.
But how do you use it? Check out the video and I'll explain!